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Coco Mulch/Chips


Popular Substrate and Addictive

Coco chips are used in different ways. It is used as an additive in growing media since the early nineties and also as a complete growing medium.

The husk which grows around the hard coconut is aged so that it is more stabile. After several different ways of cutting, the chips are screened and washed. After this washing, the chips are dried on a clean concrete floor. When drying is realised, coco chips are pressed in bales of 4-5 kg to be shipped to the potting soil producer or the end user.

The qualifications of coco chips are very high; not only should the EC (electrical conductivity) be low, the material must be easy to process and must not decompose too quickly.

  • improves capillarity in your substrate

  • keeps your growing media elastic

  • is an additive with a long experience

  • is a 100% organic material

  • is easy in handling because of the size

  • The popularity is due to the improvements of the characteristics of the growing media and because coco chips culture. using Coco chips as an additive in potting mixtures creates a growing medium with the ideal physical properties. The chips can absorb water and yet leave enough air available for sensitive plants such as Gerberas and Orchids.