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Coco Peat

5kg / 650grm

Popular Growing Medium

Coco pith is growing medium which is in use since many years. These peat bloacks have succeeded in replacing peat moss in commercial and domestic gardens houses, where they are known to induce early germination of seeds by breaking seed dormacy in almost all flowering plants and vegetable crops. the popularity is due to the remarkable good characteristics.

  • Coco pith has naturally a high air-porosity

  • Coco pith absorbs water easily

  • Coco pith is a stable material

  • Coco pith is a 100% organic materia

  • Coco pith is easy in handling

  • Coco pith can be transported in compressed form in different shapes

  • Coco pith is a growing medium with proven experience

  • Specification
    Dimension   28 x 28 x 12cm(+ or - 2cm)
    EC   < 0.5 ms/cm on 1:1:5 ratio
    pH   5.8 to 6.8
    Moisture   < 18 %
    Compression   5:1
    Seive   6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, Mesh
    Packing   Palletised and strapped / Shrink wrapped pallets
    Loadability   25 tons per 1 x 40 HC(20 Pallets)

    Packing / Content
    Unwrapped / Free Loading
    4400 Blocks 1 x 40 Foot Container(22MT)
    4400 Blocks 1 x 40 HC Container(24MT)
    4400 Blocks 1 x 40 Foot Container(22MT)
    4400 Blocks 1 x 40 HC Container(24MT)
    The production of coco pith

    The husk which grows around the hard coconut contains both fibres and fine materials. After most of the fibre has been removed we are left with the fine material, the coco pith.

    Buffers are exhausted and if you want to be sure to have a reliable, stable and clean coco pith, it is necessary to change to a more professional and industrial way of working. This is exactly what VIVA Agtech Products did and is still doing !

    We manufacture Coco pith blocks in two dimensions. The smaller than on weights 650 grms is widely used as potting medium in combination with required fertilizers and nutrients. It's also as regarded as valuable additions to gardens and green houses.

    Size   20 x 10 x 5-6 cm
    Weight   600 to 700grms
    EC   < 0.5 ms/cm 1:1:5 ratio
    pH   5.5 to 6.5
    Expansion   8 to 9 Lts
    Particle   1 to 8mm

    Individually shrink wrapped brick with own labels or Unwrapped bricks on pallets.
    About 20,000 bricks in 1x20 container.